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It's About The Kids

Our mission is to create a vibrant, supportive community for Fayette County’s adults and children. We provide referrals, after school and support programs, as well as mental health counseling that put “the kids” first – helping them build the foundations they need for future success! By fostering healthy habits in our youth today we ensure brighter futures tomorrow: nurturing growing minds with empathy and care.

You can always call us directly at (724) 320-0285. Any of our staff can assist you.

After School Programs

Our organization is committed to providing a safe, nurturing space for kids year-round! Upon starting the program, each child will receive customized orientation that’ll span from 4 – 8 weeks. Afterwards, they can choose among an array of diverse programs and activities such as Culinary Arts & Food Service; IT & Digital Marketing; Hospitality & Tourism plus Life Skills classes like Agriculture/Outdoor adventures; Athletics and Artistic pursuits ranging from Music to Carpentry. We also feature Foreign Language Education alongside special courses on Multiculturalism – so there’s something for everyone!

Educational Attainment and Violence Protection

Educational Attainment and Violence Prevention is an integrated program that provides kids with the support they need to stay on track. Through its “coaches,” each child enrolled in the program will have a caring adult guiding them through their education journey, encouraging good grades and advocating for positive activities while providing tailored services like mental health assistance or health & wellness programs when necessary. By keeping children occupied with learning instead of idleness – as it has been said ‘An idle mind is the Devil’s playground’ – we strive to prevent violence as a by-product of providing quality programs and positive environments.

"I'm so grateful to the One Voice One Community staff for being there for me. You made me feel like I’m a part of the community and helped me gain confidence in myself and what I'm capable of."
- Mark J. -